Our ClayArt paintings are also exquisite artwork and are sought after for its reasonable price and uniqueness. Each is truly a masterpiece and created by individual.

What makes our ClayArt painting high in quality, artless in beauty and yet affordable?

First, our artist paints the art from their heart. Although they are silent in the industry; their talent and passion towards the paintings are unequaled. Second, we believe that art is priceless and the real price is in the eye of the owner (that is you). Third, our values; we just love arts and we want to share it with you!

So, if its artless, beautiful artwork that you are looking for, looks no further visit our gallery now! And get a masterpiece of your own. Last but not least, we also do portrait painting and also accept special order on oil painting, figures and others.

The framing for every ClayArt painting if required will be carefully selected to suit the clayart. However, at a minimal price, you still have the options to change the framing to suits your concept, style and individual preferences.

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Mirror Art & Venetian Mirror
Clay Art